Passionate Holidays in Albania

Albania is one of Europe’s stunning rising stars travel and leisure destinations ~ it offers beautiful beaches around the Adriatic and Ionian oceans, ancient sites, and unexplored trails profound inland.

It is very also one of the best budget friendly vacation destinations! Not only is it less expensive than Greece or Italia, but the landscapes is epic. You’ll dedicate most of your trip soaking up the sunshine, drinking selfmade Raki (the local drink) and producing great badinage, persiflage with the residents!

One of the most romantic interesting attractions are the tiny beach coves and islets, coastal albanian brides villages, citadels, castles, the Alps, national leisure areas, lagoons and canyons. These interesting attractions are packed with history and lifestyle and offer plenty of possibilities for excitement.

You’ll love hanging out in Kruja, a old town simply just north of Tirana, whose fortress, museum, and mosque will give you a flavour of the country’s past. You will also be qualified to explore the old streets and discover homewares and antiques at the aged Ottoman marketplace.

In terms of crime, Albania is fairly safe. It will do have petty crimes but are nowhere close to as awful as in significant European places and there is no risk of muggings or credit card theft.

If you’re adventurous and adore to road trip, we have a popular course from Vlora to Saranda that delivers beautiful scenic sights of the mountain range and beaches. However , you should hire a driver. The roads are frequently challenging and there are simply no safety hand rails along steep cliffs.

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